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Why You Need A Copyright Lawyer

Copyright laws are very specific. Copyright lawyers know them well, and they can help you protect your works from being copied by others or used without permission. A copyright will protect your unique ideas or material from being used without permission. If you decide to take the commercial route, copyright attorneys experienced in the area of copyright laws can help you get started.

Copyrights are a legal right, granted to the authors of ‘original works’. They protect tangible forms of expression such as literature, drawings, music and plays. They protect the expression of an idea or fact, but do not protect the underlying idea or method. Lapin Law Firm advises creative individuals on how to protect their intellectual property and prides themselves on a confidential attorney client relationship.

Protecting Your Creative Work Through Copyrights

If you’re a publisher or literary agent trying to protect your creative works and copyright law is only one of the many areas that pertain to your business, you might want to hire a copyright lawyer who can help you out with things like:

  • Working with the copyright office for approval
  • Reviewing your photography and video
  • Musical compositions and sound recordings
  • Software
  • E-commerce and website content
  • Multimedia, films and other creative works
  • Copyrighting and artists artwork or graphic design
  • Animation, cartoons or graphic novels
  • Books, articles and other published work
  • Copyright infringement

What Is Copyright Law?

Copyright law is a set of rules that tells us how we can use other people’s work. The basic idea is that certain forms of expression are considered to be creative and original, and it’s important that the rights of authors are protected. The author has the exclusive right to control or use his work in a variety of ways such as creating new works based upon it, reproducing it (i.e. making copies), publishing it (publicly distributing copies) and selling or giving away these copies.

The copyright law was created by Congress in 1976 and has been amended several times since then. This law protects your intellectual property against unauthorized copying, distribution and public performances. It lasts for your lifetime plus an additional 70 years after you die. The bottom line is that if you’ve created a unique product – literary work, visual art etc., then you have copyright law on your side.

A copyright attorney understands the ins and out of creative work. Copyright attorneys should be able to offer legal advice and provide you with the legal resources and legal documents needed to meet your business objectives. Experienced copyright lawyers should not only be able to provide legal advice and counsel clients in copyright law, but also patent law, trademark law and other legal issues which protect exclusive rights over creative works.

How To Protect Your Copyrighted Material

Copyright protects ownership the moment your business produces an original work. This means that the copyright owner can’t give someone permission to use or duplicate that material unless they have signed a contract giving them this right. If they fail to honor your copyright, then there are legal steps to handle the infringement issues that a client can take and penalties for violating copyright laws are extremely severe.

In order to prove infringement and begin litigation, you will need to establish that:

The work is original and not a copy of another piece. That it is fixed in some tangible medium (e.g. writing, tape, computer file) The copyright owner can be identified If there’s a resemblance between the two works, which suggests a breach of the copyright owner’s rights.

The main difference between copyright and trademark laws is that with copyright law, you can use someone else’s work as long as it doesn’t violate any of their exclusive rights – such as making changes to their material or using only part of something or changing the way it appears. This is referred to as “fair use”. Trademark law, however, covers trademarks: distinctive qualities which are used in products’ names, logos and other visual marks; business names and slogans. There are specific cases where you can actually copy another person’s work under certain circumstances without breaking any rules. It all depends on what your purpose for creating this new piece was (i.e., did you want to compete with the original?)

Copyright lawyers ensures that your intellectual property rights are protected under fair use guidelines, patent law and trademark laws. All of these protections relate back to the same idea – making sure that no one else can steal your creation or profit from it without permission. For example some works can be copied as long as the author gets credit for their work. Other cases require more than just a citation but actual payment if you’re trying to sell the material.

The bottom line is that if you’re a copyright owner or are working on copyrighted material then it’s worth your time and money to hire a copyright attorney who can protect the rights of your unique work.

There are many resources available to help you understand copyright law and get further information on how you can protect your own work. Copyright lawyers will be able to go through all the legal aspects of copyright protection with you and make sure your interests are protected against any infringements or other unauthorized use of your material. To learn more about copyright law and what a lawyer can do for you, contact Lapin Law Firm today!

How Copyright Law Works In Practice

If someone were to publish, distribute or create an original piece of work which had been copied from yours without permission then they would be infringing upon your legal rights as the copyright holder. They could face infringement penalties in excess of $100,000 for violating copyright laws and even up to 5 years in prison for altering the material prior to distribution. The penalty may be lessened if they correct any infringement within 90 days of receiving notice from the copyright lawyer who discovered this violation.

Pursuing legal action for infringement of a copyright is costly and time consuming. If you plan to take this step, then you should consult with an experienced copyright attorney first.

Copyright Registration and the United States Copyright Office

The US copyright office is overseen by the federal government. The offices does not handle litigation or arbitration. Instead, these offices serve as a clearinghouse to register and protect copies of the copyright.

The federal government has a website which deals with legal information pertaining to copyright issues and intellectual property – This site provides information on how authors and artists can register their works, what kind of things get copyright protects. It also addresses who should get a lawyer if they think their copyrighted material is being used without permission by others, also known as copyright infringement.

The United States copyright office website provides a pre-made form for copyright registration which can be filled out online. To submit the application, you are required to have a physical copy of the work and pay a fee which varies depending on whether its an electronically submitted file (CD) or if it’s mailed in as part of the hard copies that you hand deliver.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law is a complex area of the law that can be difficult to understand, even for an copyright attorney. An experienced copyright attorney understands artistic works, derivative works, certain jurisdictions, copyright infringement and other disputes over ownership that may require litigation.

In addition to the protections offered under copyright law, there are a variety of other intellectual property laws protecting copyrights that many copyright lawyers also specialize in. For example, federal trademark protection can help an author prevent others from using his or her name in connection with certain products. The Lanham Act will protect names, titles, short phrases and designs used for literary works like book covers, book titles, movie titles and logos.

Hiring a copyright attorney can help you protect your business ideas in many different ways. Copyright law not only protects the author or publishers intellectual property against copyright infringement from others who might copy or reproduce their work without permission, but it also will protect against unauthorized use of an author’s name to sell other products in tangible form.

Finding A Copyright Law Firm

For many people, they are not sure how to find a copyright lawyer. A copyright lawyer is an attorney who deals with intellectual property cases. When dealing with these types of cases, it is important to have someone with experience in the industry. Fortunately for those seeking copyright attorneys, there are some good resources available online that help identify the best candidates for potential lawyers.

It is important to note that if you search for a copyright lawyer, you should find one that specializes in the type of cases that you need assistance with. For example, music copyright attorneys will deal with a clients disputes over rights to a song or performer’s royalties. Video game copyright attorneys would deal with issues like game developing companies stealing original content from other game developers.

If you need to find criminal copyright attorneys, you should consider working with an attorney who has experience defending clients and the rights of someone accused of infringement.

Why Clients Hire Lapin Law Firm

Lapin Law Firm is a boutique intellectual property law firm with offices in Maryland, New York and California. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and litigation experience defending the rights of clients who claim their work has been the target of copyright infringement or other violations of intellectual property. For more information about our attorneys services, please contact us at 212-858-0363 or via email at [email protected]

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