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The Standard, Not The Goal

Why Us? An Overview

The Lapin Law Firm specializes in providing high-end legal services to small and mid-size businesses. These businesses have much better uses for their limited resources than to squander their funds on outrageous legal retainers and hourly rates. Many regional and national law firms have no choice but to charge excessive hourly rates to cover their inflated overhead costs. Our law firm maintains a lean practice – and we pass on the enormous savings to our clients so that they can afford needed legal work without compromising on quality.  

Over the years we have had the pleasure of serving many businesses of varying sizes and unique needs. Countless existing and former clients have approached us with offers to serve as references for prospective clients, and we would be glad to put you in touch with them. No matter the scope or complexity of a legal matter, it is important that you feel confident about your selection of legal counsel. 

The Lapin Law Firm was founded to address the unique needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs, who can afford neither the time nor the expense in dealing with large law firms. Our business model is simple – take exceptional care of clients, deliver cost-efficient and effective results, and continued business will follow. 


What Differentiates The Lapin Law Firm

Our most appreciative clients are those who have previously worked with other attorneys. These clients have a unique appreciation for our approach to legal services because they can easily contrast our exceptional services with those of other law firms. The four most common complaints we get about other lawyers are related to (1) billing practices, (2) lack of communication, (3) slow turnaround times, and (4) failure to take the time to fully explain legal issues and involve clients in the decision-making process. We are committed to transparent and highly competitive rates, being exceptionally responsive and communicative, and taking the time to explain issues and involving our clients in the strategic decision-making process. Each of these elements is discussed in more detail below. 

Our philosophy is simple:
efficiency, cost-effectiveness and value

Billing Practices

The first and most important thing to note is that you will never be surprised by an unexpected legal bill from the Lapin Law Firm. We are committed to absolute transparency and communication relating to our rates and billing practices. You will never be billed for time or services unless we have obtained your prior consent. 

Unfortunately, many attorneys bill their clients for briefest of calls and email. Aside from giving attorneys a bad name, such practices discourage clients from communicating openly with their attorneys for fear of the unknown expenses associated with such communications. We, at the Lapin Law Firm, recognize that open and unrestricted communication between attorneys and their clients is critical for the provision of sound legal advice. In addition, when client-attorney communication is encouraged we are notified of developing issues early on and can address them before they erupt into major problems. For these reasons, we have implemented “no-nickel-and-diming” billing practices that encourage client communication with us throughout all segments of a legal engagement.

Flat Fee Legal Services

We offer flat-rate fees for many types of legal services, including entity formation matters, trademark search & filing projects, and certain types of contract drafting and reviews. To provide you with a flat-rate quote, we will set up a free consultation to discuss your particular legal needs in more detail. This discussion will provide a good estimation of the scope of services, thereby enabling us to quickly follow up with a flat-fee quote. There are no obligations or commitments necessary to set up a free consultation – we are always happy to discuss and never pressure clients. 

Some legal services do not lend themselves to flat-fee rates because they necessarily involve unknowns that cannot be anticipated prior to the engagement. For example, while we may be able to provide a flat-fee for the preliminary phase of litigation (such as a full case assessment and the filing of a Complaint or Answer), because we cannot anticipate all the issues that will be raised in litigation, we may not be able to estimate the necessary time that will be required for some phases in litigation. Where we are unable to provide a flat-fee for particular legal services, we will bill at our highly competitive hourly rates, which will be agreed upon prior to the engagement. Hourly rates vary depending on the scope and complexity of the matter. For example, litigation fees are generally higher than rates for transactional/contract work, and appellate law fees (filing appeals to the United States Courts of Appeal) are typically higher than non-appellate litigation rates. Regardless, we are committed to providing exceptional legal services at highly affordable rates. And while most firms require significant upfront retainers, we work with our clients to break up payments in a manner that is feasible for our clients.  

Our philosophy is simple:
efficiency, cost-effectiveness and value

Responsiveness & Client Communication

Our perspective on client communication is that the client should always be informed of not only what the attorney is doing for the client, but also why the attorney recommends the particular course of action. We believe that our job as attorneys is not only to resolve the legal matter presented to us, but to also use the engagement as an opportunity to educate the client about the relevant areas of the law. By involving our clients in the legal analysis and decision-making process we empower our clients to identify similar legal issues on their own and avoid pitfalls. 

Timely Completion Of Projects

Clients often complain that attorneys take a long time to get to their legal matters, and that even after work has commenced, constant follow up is required to get attorneys to complete projects. Our clients cannot afford to have their legal needs delayed or ignored. We are often tasked with reviewing or drafting contracts that are essential to a business deal or transaction. Because a delay on our side can seriously jeopardize a transaction, we are committed to completing projects quickly and responsibly. Prior to the commencement of a project, we will provide you with an estimated time of completion for the project to ensure that the timeline will meet your needs. In many cases we are able to expedite projects when the need arises.