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Employment Agreements

Employment Agreement Lawyers: The Experts You Need To Know

Our employment agreement lawyers are available to review your employment contract and help you negotiate the best possible terms so you’re protected.

Employment AgreementsAn employment agreement, drafted properly, can be tremendously helpful in minimizing future disputes between an employer and employee. Typically, employers prepare these contracts at the outset of employment, so it’s a good time to memorialize responsibility and rights. Lapin Law Firm’s legal business agreement lawyers are experienced at drafting and negotiating contract agreements for executives, professionals, business owners and others.

An employment contract usually spells out the key conditions and benefits for the employees and the company. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your proposed contract is drafted carefully and has proper validity, with an understanding of all the options you are agreeing to trade, and negotiations for the best terms possible. Whether you are a business owner looking to draft an employment agreement or a corporation looking to revise your existing employment contracts, the employment agreement attorneys at Lapin Law Firm are ready to assist you.

What do employment attorneys do?

employment attorneyEmployment attorneys represent employees in negotiations and disputes. They provide advice on non-compete agreements, trade secrets, property rights, and other employment matters such as discrimination or harassment.

An attorney who specializes in employment law will be able to advise you on your rights as an employee and represent you in the event of a dispute.

Employment attorneys are experts with extensive knowledge of laws, regulations, and court decisions related to employment law.

Many people have a misconception that all employment attorneys do is draft and review employment agreements. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as employment attorneys are the go-to resource for many other aspects of employment law. Employment lawyers can advise you on a variety of issues, such as handling discrimination claims and wrongful termination suits.

If you are in need of an employment attorney, contact the experts at Lapin Law Firm today. Find out why our unique approach to each client makes all the difference.

What is an Employment Contract?

An employment contract is a legal business agreement outlining the terms of an employee’s employment. Employment contracts are usually between the employer and employee, but may also include a third party such as an independent contractor or corporate agreement.

The written contract is most common, and typically includes the employee’s job duties, compensation, and benefits. Employment contracts can be implied from conduct if the employee and employer both agree to the terms of employment without a written contract.

Drafting, Reviewing, & Litigating Employment Contracts

It is important to have employment contracts drafted by an experienced lawyer. Employment agreements are integral to the operation of any company, and it’s critical that they be clear and concise, as well as legally sound. Doing this ensures that the business and employees will be protected in case of a dispute, as well as being able to avoid many problems before they arise.

In order for an employment agreement to be sound and protect both employers and employees, it must cover all the crucial aspects of the relationship. These include compensation, hours worked- including any overtime pay or compensatory time off for regular hours, and any benefits (health insurance, dental plans), as well as the termination clause.

It is important for both employers and employees to have a clear understanding of the terms that are agreed upon in an employment contract. Employment contracts can be very complex and often contain clauses with confusing language that is not always clear.

Employment contracts are generally in writing and can be oral or implied depending on the type of contract. When an employment contract is written, there are many legal considerations that must be included in the contract.

Legal considerations that must be included in employment contracts are the amount of money an employee will earn, how much time off they can take for vacation or sick leave, and what is expected of the employee during the workday.

What should be included in an Employment Contract?

A well-crafted employment contract should protect both the employer and employee. It can include a number of provisions, from non-compete agreements to confidentiality clauses to compensation terms.

In order for a contract to be legally binding, both the employer and employee must agree on all of its terms. The agreement should include a detailed summary of what is being agreed upon by each party as well as an outline of the consequences for not fulfilling these terms.

For example, if one party refuses to fulfill their contractual obligations, they may be liable to pay damages in a civil lawsuit or face criminal charges in a criminal lawsuit.

Are employment agreements legally binding?

Employment agreements are legally binding and should be taken seriously. The legal term for an employment agreement is a “contract.” It will specify the terms of how you work, what you’ll be paid, and what benefits you’ll receive.

What makes an employment contract valid?

An employment contract is a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee. It includes information about the type of work, pay rate, start date, job description, and more. To be valid in most states, the contract must be in writing and include an offer by the employer to employ someone for a specific amount of time.

An employment agreement is typically written out when both parties are entering into a contract for the first time. It’s important to know that an employment agreement can include any type of work, not just those under a labor union or those with public sector employees.

How can a party violate an employment contract?

A party may violate the employment contract when they don’t live up to their obligations in a timely manner.

One example is when an employer violates a provision of the contract by terminating or withholding wages.

Another example is when an employee violates a provision of the contract by quitting without notice or refusing to work.

What are the types of employment?

There are 4 types of employment that are commonly used in the United States.

At-will Employment

At-will employment is the most common type of employment in the United States. This means that an employer can terminate a worker from their job for any reason, as long as the reason is not discriminatory.

Contract Employment

Contract employment means that a worker has to have their contract renewed annually or be terminated from the job after it expires. The contract usually specifies things like the workers’ duties, hours, and wages.

Tenured Employment

Tenured employment means that an employer has to let the worker go who is employed in this way if they are not meeting their performance standards or they are not adequate for the position.

Permanent Employment

Permanent employees are often more committed to their employer, so employers can rely on them for long-term work. This is in contrast with temporary employees who may only be hired out of necessity

Temporary Employment

There are many different types of temporary employment, but they all have one thing in common: workers do not get any long-term benefits.

How Do I Handle Employment Disputes?

The first thing your company should do is contact an experienced employment attorney. Your lawyer can help you to understand your rights and legal options. Without a well-drafted employment agreement, your company will have no way to protect itself against costly litigation.

Lapin Law Firm can help. With years of expertise and services in a range of business law matters we can help oyu to navigate the legal roads to success. Read our Testimonials from other happy clients and then contact us so we can help you.